Installation guide

Installation guide for reach stacker and stacking machine

1. Internal installation in the driving room
1.1 Installation of bracket

1.1.1 The driving space in reach stacker and stacking machine is very limited. It needs to find a right place to install bracket. According to operator’s habit, generally install bracket on the right position of driver. It is easy for driver to operate. Generally use pillar stand + 03 RAM Mount bracket together, then install device. It needs to punch on the bottom plate in the driving room for pillar stand installation. There are four hole locations. The size is M10. Install pillar stand and 03 RAM mounted bracket by using M8*4 screws. Adopt method of screw and nut for fixation. Use double nut to prevent the screw loosening and caused fall off. At the same time we need to consider the safety of equipment installation and security of people to escape. Bracket installation schematic diagram:

                Reach stacker                             stacking machine

1.2 Installation of power adapter
1.2.1  Use cable tie directly to install power adapter on the iron plat. Or use screws to install it on the panel of driving room. This two methods are easy for future maintenance.
Installation diagram:
            Fixation of screw                               fixation of ribbon                  

1.3 Get electricity and routing for power line
1.3.1 It is best to directly get electricity from vehicle battery. One pole of battery connects to our vehicle mounted computer for power supply, the other pole of battery connects to main switch. There is copper sheet on the joint of connecting. Use flame retardant pipe sleeve for wires. Interface with electrical tape wrapped tight to prevent corrosion and use a cable tie tied tightly. One side of main switch connect battery, the other side of main switch comes out voltage output. As long as shut off main switch, the power equipment will follow to turn off. Pls refer
below photos.
Explanation: There should be insurance device after battery. The installation of fuse box is behind main switch.

1.3.2 Power line goes through engine, then goes into driving room. Wires are wrapped by flame retardant pipe sleeve and fasten by cable tie. Different reach stacker and stacking machine, routing of wires to driving room is different.
1.3.3 Voltage measurement must be conducted before power on. Make sure voltage is very stable, then connect to the device to boot test.

2. Installation of outdoor antennas
Our vehicle mounted computer usually equip with magnetic mount antenna for reach stacker. There are three types of antenna for choice: rubber duck antenna (transmission gain: 3-5dBm), fiberglass antenna (transmission gain: 5-7dBm), magnetic mount antenna (transmission gain: 5-7dBm). Generally according to the situation of signal cover onsite to decide which antenna should be chosen. Or it depends on customer’s requirement. Pls refer below photo:

Explanation:It is general that there are reserved feeder line and threading hole on reach stacker and stacking machine. Feeder line goes through hole to driving room. No need to punch threading.

3. Installation structure chart