Installation guide

Installation guide of vehicle mounted computer for forklift

1. Introduction of Bracket installation for forklift 
Considering the available space in the cab of forklift and the convenience for operator,  there are two kinds of  installation methods FYI.
1)Fixed clamp plate on suspended ceiling
The clamp plate is customized, base on the machine model to select 02 or 03 gymbals. Customers can according to their own requirements to adjust the direction of  bracket and operate it more conveniently. Such bracket is belong to easy to assemble and maintain it.

2)U shape clamp plate installation
Some forklifts can’t use the bracket of clamp plate to mount it, so they can choose  method of  U shape installation, mounting it on the above of frame for forklift. U shape clamp plate have skid resistance rubber which can prevent some hidden dangers caused by bracket looseness during the process of vibration.

2. Power adapter installation
Forklift just can use the DC-DC power adapter, base on the output voltage to decide the power adapter accordingly. Using the ribbon to fasten it on the above of iron plate of fixed frame or Using the screws to fasten it on the above of fixed clamp plate.

3. Supply power for equipment
Mainly consider the safety of forklift operation, please try the best way that forklift get the supply power from battery. Because supply power is direct current and come from battery, if not, will cause operation issues and unstable factors