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                                                                                 Manufacturing Logistics
● Introduction

Global competition constantly places more pressure on manufacturing businesses to be more efficient and with 100% accuracy on their operations, from their supply chain management, through the build process, for shipping. Darveen’s handheld terminals give production line workers, supervisors, managers, and executives the tools they need - in the warehouse, on the production line, at quality control, and shipping.

● Solutions
Wireless LAN-enabled Darveen handheld terminals allow warehouse workers to keep inventories continuously updated for accurate, efficient supply chain management and inventory turns. A range of scanning capabilities, from close-up reading of tiny labels to scanning distant pallets and cartons, reduce tracking and  supply errors. Darveen’shandheld terminals are following:

For Operator:
HT-216:   2.8” Handheld Terminal with WiFi, GPRS and 1D Barcode Scanner
HT-318:   3.5” Handheld Terminal with WiFi, EDGE/GPRS, GPS and 1D/2D/RFID Tag Reader
For Forklift:
VT-631W:  8” Windows CE Vehicle Mount Computer with Full Function keyboard
VT-636W:  8” Windows XP Vehicle Mount Computer with Full Function keyboard
VT-731:   10.4” Windows CE Vehicle Mount Computer
VT-736:   10.4” Windows XP Vehicle Mount Computer
For Truck:
VT-531:   7” Vehicle Mount Computer with WiFi, GPS and 3G Module
VT-631:   8.4” Vehicle Mount Computer with WiFi, GPS and 3G Module

● Benefits
On the production line, handheld scanners at build stages keep production records accurate and managers constantly informed of productivity through the line. Mobile computers with wireless LAN technology allow supervisors to keep working as they move from their office to production stages checking on the day's progress.
In shipping, handheld scanners with wireless LAN technology update shipping orders and manifests, eliminating hand-generated
paperwork and accelerating more accurate finished goods shipments.
●Access Control in Manufacturing
●Raw Material & WIP
●Labor Tracking
●Quality Assurance
●Product Labeling & Tracking
●Tool Cage
●Plant Maintenance & Repair

 Manufacturing Logistics.pdf

Installation Tips

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