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                                                          Fleet Management Solution: Truck
● Introduction
How to effectively manage transportation team is difficult. Fleet management objectives focus on:
●  Timely tracking of vehicles and management of drivers’ behaviors;
●  Optimizing route selection, reducing operational costs and improving working efficiency;
●  Timely provision of delivery information for customers, controlling of goods transport conditions and improving customer satisfaction;
●   Reducing paperwork and automatically following up on the delivery;
●  Timely controlling of vehicle operation and maintenance conditions to achieve the best results of vehicles application;
To achieve these goals, companies need to install vehicle mounted computers in transport vehicles to operate system software to timely process and feedback information. Hence, we developed a series of products to meet the special demands of long-distance transport vehicles. After years of development, they have been well received by users all over the world.

● Solution and Advantages
● Various vehicle computers
To meet demands of various service conditions, Darveen offers many types of vehicle mounted computers with different display sizes or stand-alone fanless computers with rugged monitors, giving customers more choices. Those vehicle computers are equipped with a touch screen or an integrated keyboard. The customer may choose the most suitable computer according to his/her actual operating conditions.
● Rich and various comports
In order to connect to various sensors around the vehicle, Darveen engineers equip vehicle computer with various and rich comports, including RS-232/422/484, CAN, GPIO, Bluetooth, Ethernet(POE), Video channel…, .
● Comprehensive Wireless Communication
In order to improve data communication between vehicle mounted computers and control centers, Darveen’s vehicle mounted computer supports multiple methods of wireless communication, including WIFI, GPRS, 3G and the latest LTE, for more choices by customers. Furthermore, this kind of computer is designed for multiple-antennae, and could be equipped with 4 kinds of RF antennas simultaneously, satisfying the needs of many customers.
● Power supply with features of waterproof, power ignition, UPS and wide-voltage
As unstable power supply of trucks and harsh environment, Darveen especially design wide-voltage, lightning protector and aviation-connector for power supply to improve their performance. Power ignition to delay booting or shutdown, and a UPS battery to keep the computer on during replacement of forklift battery.
● Wireless camera
In order to easily install camera to any area of vehicles, we design wireless camera solutions which only need to provide power to cameras without signal cables.
● GLONASS/GPS/BD multiple positioning system

● Applicable Fields
 Pharmaceutical cold-chain transport vehicle
Dangerous goods transport vehicle
Airport shuttle bus

 Fleet Management Truck.pdf

Installation Tips


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