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About Darveen

Darveen Technology Ltd. was founded in 2002, since its commencing, Darveen aims to that: by focusing on specific vertical industries and in-depth learning on the industrial application scenarios, Darveen develops industrial computers and peripheral products that are most suitable to these scenarios for global industrial users. Meanwhile, basing on its efficient logistics platform, Darveen is committed to provide high-quality products and services for customers. With more than 20 years of development, Darveen has accumulated rich experience in product design and manufacture. Its products have been used in different vertical markets including intelligent container terminals, intelligent warehousing, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent industrial equipment, digital mining, special vehicle fleet … and gains acceptance widely from the industrial user in the world.

With aim to provide the most wonderful products for customers, R&D member from Darveen made deep learning of industrial application scenarios, with their efforts specific scenario orientated industrial computer, industrial vehicle mount computer and relevant industrial power, installation brackets etc. are worked out. R&D team is equipped with various of inspection, testing, burn-in devices which enable Darveen products are well tested and adaptive to kinds of harsh environment. Thanks to them, Darveen is widely recognized as a brand around the world, its products are also patented in domestic and oversea market

To ensure products quality, Darveen applies rigorous quality control measures in each working stage of products development & verification from EVT/DVT/PVT to MVT where relevant department check, do audit and improve testing indicator to make sure the quality reaching to designed standard before moving to next stage. To provide high quality products, Darveen has equipped itself with professional testing lab where there are various testing devices including: IPX6 water-proof testing device, high & low temperature testing box , constant temperature & humidity testing box, burn-in testing box, high frequency 3-axis electromagnetic vibration machine, salt spray cabinet, sand-dust testing chamber, drop testing machine and etc. Basing on customer’s needs, Darveen can provide CE/FCC/CCC , military & automotive grade attestation and other relevant industrial attestation by the third party of professional certifying body. Quality is lifeblood of Darveen, we strive for top quality for each single product delivered and for satisfying customer’s needs of industrial application.

The manufacturing center of Darveen planed and built its workshop according to the first level of building solution: Self-leveling floor in workshop and anti-static equipment installed in front of workshop entry could prevent assembling work from potential static electricity damage; High temperature(ranging from 40 celcius degree to 70 celcius degree) burn-in testing room to verify products’ reliability and durability; 1k-level dust free room for LCD assembling; Constant temperature & humidity parts warehouse ensures key electronic parts are well conserved with stable quality. Darveen has four professional production line, monthly productivity could reach to 5K units. The production line adopts ESOP workstation which allow the production staff can work basing on standard SOP and products come out with the same quality. MES system is also introduced in production to establish traceable production record system by
barcode reader collecting information of key parts used in each process. Regarding quality restriction, Darveen performs quality restriction in all process from IQC,IPQC,FQC to OQC with the aim of non-delivery of problematic products. We follow the standard procedure in production, each one of Darveen insists on strict standard and follows the process control spirit of ISO:9001 to carry out our quality policy. Darveen has completed system including research & development, supply chain, manufacturing, market and technical service. Darveen Shenzhen manufacturing center has massive production capability with great flexibility, can quick respond to customer’s delivery requirements and strive to push its quality, cost ,service to the top level in industry.

In order to provide global delivery and technical support, Darveen has established a global service network including 9 branch offices in China and distribution partners scattered around the globe through which together with quick-responded internet remote service, customers can have efficient and prompt services wherever they are.

With years of hardwork and accumulation of technology, Darveen obtained honour of “national Hi-Tech enterprise” and letters of patent which push Darveen’s self-creativeness and independent R&D to further