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In-Vehicle Computers

7” to 15” LCD with resistive/capacitive touch
Intel Celeron/Core-i, ARM RK3288/3399 processor
Supports Windows, Android, Linux OS
Supports WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, GPS

Intel Celeron/Core-i processor
M12 type I/O connectors
Wide range 8-36V DC input
Supports WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, GPS, CAN

Wide range DC power adaptor
Comprehensive mount kits for vehicles
Waterproof industrial keyboard
Various antenna solutions

Our Outstanding Advantages

Darveen offers versatile solutions for in-vehicle computers crafted for a variety of applications. There are two distinct solutions available; one is the all-in-one vehicle mount computer (VT, MVT, and FMT series) with a capacitive or resistive, and human-machine touch interface; the other one is the box computer (VC and MVC series) designed for data collection and control. Both solutions excel in data processing, connectivity, and control, meeting the unique needs of in-vehicle uses with absolute reliability and precision.

Let’s look at the prominent features that make our rugged in-vehicle computers exceptional.

Built for Extreme Conditions

Featuring fanless designs, preventing dust accumulation and adhering to MIL-STD-810G standards, ensuring resilience in temperatures ranging from -20 to 60℃.

Industrial-Grade I/O Interfaces

Equipped with all necessary interfaces such as USB, COM, GPIO, and CAN bus, along with M12 connectors for higher protection, ensuring water and shock resistance.

Wireless Communication

Supported by 4G/5G and WLAN connectivity, swiftly relaying crucial data for real-time fleet communication and management to operation centers.

GPS Navigation and Tracking

Supporting multiple positioning technologies, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou, allowing drivers to proactively plan routes based on real-time traffic information, reduce travel time, and save fuel consumption.

Power Protection Mechanisms

Supporting a wide spectrum of input voltages (8-36V), incorporating protections against overvoltage and overcurrent for enhanced adaptability for different vehicles.

Smart Ignition Control

Integrated with ignition signal and power lines, ensuring automatic startup/shutdown only with stable power input, preventing data loss.

Outstanding Applications

Fleet Management

 Advanced in-vehicle computers are the solutions to modernized fleet management. With GPS positioning and powerful sensors, our computers analyze vehicle health, fuel consumption, and optimize routes, resulting in significant cost reductions and prioritizing cargo safety. Transmitting data live to control centers enables them to inform drivers with crucial information, and instructions, and updates on traffic and weather conditions.

Vehicle Diagnostics

In-vehicle computers provide real-time monitoring of vehicle performance, health, status, and operations, tracking essential information such as engine health, fuel consumption, and tire pressure with fault codes and maintenance recommendations.

Asset Tracking

In the logistics sector, in-vehicle computers, equipped with GPS and RFID technology, take asset tracking to the next level by providing precise real-time monitoring of vehicles and goods. Integrated with logistics management software, they can also offer insights for route optimization and delivery schedules.

Why Are Darveen’s Products Your Best Choice?

  • Subjected to rigorous testings
  • Striving for utmost durability
  • Supported by our well-equipped internal lab
  • Adaptable to extreme environments
  • Built by a passionate and professional team
  • Offering you a competitive edge
We Are Darveen

Established in 2007, Darveen is an expert in crafting cutting-edge industrial computing solutions. Darveen’s products, from advanced in-vehicle computers to rugged tablets, showcase a commitment to high quality and innovation through our devoted R&D team and nearly 20 years of experience. Darveen’s global service network, spanning partners across the globe, guarantees reliable and responsive support.

Uncompromising Quality Control

We always employ a rigorous control process from product development to verification, from EVT/DVT/PVT to MVT. We enhance testing indicators at every stage, supported by an excellent testing lab with IPX6 water-proof testers, temperature chambers, along with other advanced equipment. Our commitment extends to providing industry certifications, such as CE/FCC/CCC, tailored to our client’s needs, making Darveen a quality-driven choice for industrial solutions.

Our Expertise

We prioritize product reliability and set industry benchmarks in quality, featuring a high-temperature testing room, a dust-free LCD assembly space, and a climate-controlled parts warehouse. With four production lines adhering to standard SOPs, our staff works diligently to maintain consistent quality. Our MES system ensures traceability, while quality control measures uphold ISO:9001 standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Recognition and Innovation

We are a recognized “National Hi-Tech Enterprise”, known for innovation, holding patents affirming dedication to creativity and independent R&D. We offer pioneering solutions in top-notch industrial computing, backed by extensive industry experience.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are dedicated to environmental preservation and societal service. Our active environmental policy integrates material recycling in design and production, offering customized environmental protection certificates for products to meet specific customer needs.