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Vehicle Mount Computers

7”~15” LCD with resistive/capacitive touch
Intel Celeron/Core-I processor
Supports Windows,Linux OS
Supports WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, GPS, CAN

7”~12.1” LCD with resistive/capacitive touch
 ARM RK3288/3399
Supports Android
Supports WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, GPS, CAN

8”~10” LCD with capacitive touch
Intel Celeron, ARM RK3288/3399 processor
Supports Windows, Android, Linux OS
Supports WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, GPS, CAN

8.4”~12.1” LCD with resistive/capacitive touch
Intel Celeron/Core-I, ARM RK3399 processor
Supports Windows, Android, Linux OS
Supports WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, GPS, CAN

10.4″ industrial-grade LCD panel and touch
Intel Celeron processor
Support Windows, Linux OS
M12 aviation I/O interface
 Optional expansion WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, CAN

What is a Vehicle Mount Computer?

A vehicle mount computer is an all-in-one solution to meet the need for a computer and a touchscreen with a user-friendly interface mounted in vehicles, perfect for versatile mobile environments, such as trucks, buses, forklifts, and other commercial or industrial uses. Our vehicle-mounted computer solutions support both Windows and Android systems with a wide range of accessories, including QWERTY keyboards, sunshades, antennas with varying dBi gains, to mobile power sources featuring an M12 IP65 plug. Diverse installation options are also available, catering to a spectrum of vehicles and mounting spaces, ensuring a tailored and efficient solution for industrial applications.

Our Outstanding Advantages

Diverse Product Selections

Providing a diverse range of options, including screen sizes from 7 to 12.1 inches, capacitive and resistive touch, and a choice between Windows and Android operating systems. Various CPU options are available.

Rugged Reliability

Built from die-cast aluminum alloy, it provides exceptional durability and corrosion resistance in challenging environments and operates at temperatures -20 to 60°C. With a fanless design for minimal maintenance, it also features dust- and water-proof IP65 sealing and meets MIL-STD-810G standards for shock and vibration resistance.

Advanced Wireless Antennas

Equipped with built-in WiFi, 4G/5G communication modules, and supporting different positioning options, like GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou, ensuring smooth real-time communication for swift dispatch order transmission and tracking individual vehicles from remote locations.

Adaptable Power Connectivity

Accommodating diverse power requirements, featuring a wide-voltage power input (8 to 36 VDC) with a waterproof supply to create stable power sources.

Smart Maintenance Oversight

Providing real-time records of each vehicle’s health status. Data transmission to a central management center promotes refined maintenance practices.

Common Applications of Our Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Logistics Trucks

In the logistics landscape, it is challenging to navigate between port terminals, roads, and warehouses while maintaining smooth and safe fleet operations and management. With advanced supporting systems, our vehicle-mounted computers integrate computing power and wireless communication, creating precise and efficient task coordination in the vast transportation and logistics field.

Mining Vehicles

In the high-risk mining industry, collecting data for safety enhancement is crucial. Integrated with GPS tracking, wireless communication, and onboard diagnostics, our vehicle mount computers empower site personnel to improve occupational safety, dispatch tasks, locate misplaced vehicles, and manage mining trucks and traffic control efficiently.

Agricultural Vehicles

Aiming to optimize farming efficiently, our vehicle mount computers ensure precise agricultural vehicle positioning for efficient and accurate coverage across farm fields with cutting-edge GPS and radio technology. Our systems monitor vehicle health and locations while collecting field data on soil and weather conditions to level up farming capabilities.

Forklift-Mounted Computer

Vehicle-mount computers enhance warehouse efficiency by equipping forklifts with digital capability. Warehouse operatives can access inventory systems, scan products, and communicate, ensuring smooth operations. These adaptable devices are suitable for various applications, from monitoring forklifts to handling heavy-duty tasks in hazardous environments.

Car-Mounted Computer

Our car-mounted computers target vehicles designed for special purposes, for example, ambulances, police cars, garbage trucks, and other professional motor vehicles. Our in-vehicle computers are built for special vehicle needs, featuring a rugged, fanless design for harsh outdoor environments. Also, with accessories for convenient mounting, our computers empower special vehicles with advanced computing for real-time transmission of important information to control centers.

Why Are Darveen’s Products Your Best Choice?

  • Subjected to rigorous testings
  • Striving for utmost durability
  • Supported by our well-equipped internal lab
  • Adaptable to extreme environments
  • Built by a passionate and professional team
  • Offering you a competitive edge
We Are Darveen

Established in 2007, Darveen is an expert in crafting cutting-edge industrial computing solutions. Darveen’s products, from advanced vehicle mount computers to rugged tablets, showcase a commitment to high quality and innovation through our devoted R&D team and nearly 20 years of experience. Darveen’s global service network, spanning partners across the globe, guarantees reliable and responsive support.

Uncompromising Quality Control

We always employ a rigorous control process from product development to verification, from EVT/DVT/PVT to MVT. We enhance testing indicators at every stage, supported by an excellent testing lab with IPX6 water-proof testers, temperature chambers, along other advanced equipment. Our commitment extends to providing industry certifications, such as CE/FCC/CCC, tailored to our client’s needs, making Darveen a quality-driven choice for industrial solutions.

Our Expertise

We prioritize product reliability and set industry benchmarks in quality, featuring a high-temperature testing room, a dust-free LCD assembly space, and a climate-controlled parts warehouse. With four production lines adhering to standard SOPs, our staff works diligently to maintain consistent quality. Our MES system ensures traceability, while quality control measures uphold ISO:9001 standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Recognition and Innovation

We are a recognized “National Hi-Tech Enterprise”, known for innovation, holding patents affirming dedication to creativity and independent R&D. We offer pioneering solutions in top-notch industrial computing, backed by extensive industry experience.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are dedicated to environmental preservation and societal service. Our active environmental policy integrates material recycling in design and production, offering customized environmental protection certificates for products to meet specific customer needs.