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Industrial Panel Computer

8” to 21.5” LCD with resistive /capacitive touch
Intel Celeron/Core-i processor
Supports Windows, Linux
Supports WiFi/Bluetooth/LTE/5G expansion

 8” to 21.5” LCD with resistive /capacitive touch
ARM RK3288/3399/3568 processor
Supports Android OS
Supports WiFi/Bluetooth/LTE/5G expansion

12.1” to 19.1” LCD with resistive /capacitive touch
Intel Celeron/Core-i processor
Stainless 304/316 case with M12 connectors
IP66 waterproof protection

13.3~21.5” Fully fitted capacitive touch screen 1920*1080
Intel Celeron J6412 /Core I
Aluminum front bezel (IP66) & PC/ABS rear cover
Wireless module, 9~36V Isolation power supply, optional
EN 60601-1/CE/FCC certified

12.1” to 21.5” LCD with resistive/capacitive touch
Intel Celeron/Core-i processor
M12 connectors for LAN, USB, COM
IP65 waterproof protection

Comprehensive mounting kits

Explore Darveen’s Industrial Panel PCs, offering a variety of screen sizes, industrial touchscreens, brightness levels, and CPU performance options to deliver an exceptional computing experience in any challenging environment.


Find the Best Industrial Panel PC for Your Application

  • DPC Series (Windows): Designed for industrial automation and general industrial use
  • APC Series (Android): Designed for industrial automation and general industrial use
  • SPC Series: Catering specifically to the food processing and pharmaceutical industries
  • RPC Series: Engineered for environments with high dust levels

Where Our Industrial Panel PCs Stand Out

Rugged Panel PC Design for Harsh Environments

Our fanless industrial panel PC design prioritizes efficient passive cooling, ensuring optimal performance. With diverse IP waterproof and dustproof ratings, these panel PCs guarantee durability in different environments. Also, their wide voltage input and temperature operation capabilities enhance adaptability and reliability.

Unique System Design

Benefit from isolated serial ports, power supply boards, and built-in UPS modules in our system. Darveen’s unique modular design, integrating a modular I/O board and CPU mainboard, offers customers extensive I/O customization options and simplified CPU upgrades.

Flexible Installation and Accessories

Supporting versatile installation methods such as VESA mount or panel mount options. Explore a range of accessories and mounting brackets for added convenience. Perfect for HMI applications in industrial settings or as a versatile self-service kiosk solution.

Outstanding Applications

Digital Workstations on the Shop Floor

Redefine shop floor efficiency, acting as seamless HMI linked to MES servers. Operators receive real-time instructions and e-SOPs, enhancing coordination, quality management, and data recording.

Machine Automation

Our all-in-one industrial PCs enable data visualization and seamless communication in automated processes and elevate machinery efficiency and productivity, serving as essential monitoring and control interfaces. Effortlessly integrate our panel PCs with versatile installation options such as panel mount, open frame, and VESA mount for seamless adaptability.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Deployed in remote systems, our computers facilitate real-time data acquisition, analysis, and remote control across diverse industries. Operators centrally monitor equipment health, performance, and operational parameters, fostering informed decision-making for management.

Energy Management

Monitor and control power plants, distribution systems, and renewable energy sources. These computers provide visualizations for energy production, consumption, and efficiency metrics, aiding decision-making for optimized energy management.

We Are Darveen

Established in 2007, Darveen is an expert in crafting cutting-edge industrial computing solutions. We pride ourselves as one of the top industrial panel PC manufacturers with our products showcasing a commitment to high quality and innovation through our devoted R&D team and nearly 20 years of experience. Darveen’s global service network, spanning partners across the globe, guarantees reliable and responsive support.

Uncompromising Quality Control

We always employ a rigorous control process from product development to verification, from EVT/DVT/PVT to MVT. We enhance testing indicators at every stage, supported by an excellent testing lab with IPX6 water-proof testers, temperature chambers, along with other advanced equipment. Our commitment extends to providing industry certifications, such as CE/FCC/CCC, tailored to our client’s needs, making Darveen a quality-driven choice for industrial solutions.

Our Expertise

We prioritize product reliability and set industry benchmarks in quality, featuring a high-temperature testing room, a dust-free LCD assembly space, and a climate-controlled parts warehouse. With four production lines adhering to standard SOPs, our staff works diligently to maintain consistent quality. Our MES system ensures traceability, while quality control measures uphold ISO:9001 standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Recognition and Innovation

We are a recognized “National Hi-Tech Enterprise”, known for innovation, holding patents affirming dedication to creativity and independent R&D. We offer pioneering solutions in top-notch industrial computing, backed by extensive industry experience.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are dedicated to environmental preservation and societal service. Our active environmental policy integrates material recycling in design and production, offering customized environmental protection certificates for products to meet specific customer needs.