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Panel PC for Food Processing

Project Background
During the food processing and production, a large number of residues and grease will splash onto the equipment, so the equipment needs to be cleaned and flushed from time to time. Over a long period of time, ordinary PCs will wear out and get rusty, which may affect the equipment safety and delay the production.

Requirements for the Solution
Fast and stable computing platform.
Water-proof design; IO ports meet IP65 protection grade.
Excellent corrosion resistance of enclosure.

Solution Introduction
Darveen DPC family industrial panel PCs are connected to the central database by Ethernet network, as well as scanner, weighing apparatus and other devices on the lower layers by serial ports. Users can use scanners to acquire place of origin of raw materials and other information, at the same time send product name, production start time, completion time, packaging staff code and other information to the DPC computers for processing. The DPC computers in turn transmit the information to the jet printer, which sprays the generated two-dimensional code onto the package. In this way, consumers can scan the two-dimensional codes to know the production and circulation processes of the food.

Darveen Solution Advantages

Reliable product quality to meet customers’ requirement for long-time operation.
Food-grade stainless steel enclosure, which is rugged, easy to clean and has excellent corrosion resistance. 
M12 water-proof ports provide better protection for internal components, and enable more reliable device connection.
● Specially designed touch screen, which is highly resistant to detergents, disinfectants, and other chemical agents.
Multiple mounting methods, which support various industrial scenarios, and render reasonable and effective use of space.

Food production and processing.