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Panel PC for Tyre Vulcanizer

Project Background
The curing process is the last step for the tire production. To enhance the wear resistance and rolling resistance of tires, it is necessary to vulcanize the tires to enhance their strength and durability. The effective control of the three factors for curing process has direct bearing on the quality of final products. A conventional control system contains a large number of buttons, switches and signal lights which require a large amount of manual operation. Whereas, a modern intelligent control system can automatically adjust the process parameters in the curing process, so as to realize optimal vulcanization quality, improved productivity, and fully automatic management of curing process.

Requirements for the Solution
The control host PC must have high performance, and can process data in a quick and accurate manner.
Onsite harsh environment requires high protection grade.

Solution Introduction
As the upper computers, Darveen DPC industrial panel PCs can implement all the control actions, monitor curing process and equipment status, and receive temperature, pressure and other data acquired by PLC. With configuration software to adjust formulation parameters, users can realize intelligent management and control of curing press equipment. In this way, the target of automatic production can be achieved.

Darveen Solution Advantages
Touchable human machine interface, all-in-one and rugged design.
Wide temperature/humidity range and high protection grade, resistance to harsh and hostile environments, such as high temperature, high humidity, heavy dust, and etc.
Control accuracy improved, curing process conditions strictly controlled, energy saved, and productivity improved.

Industrial Applications
Intelligent factories.
Intelligent logistics.
● Equipment automation.