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Agricultural Vehicle Solution

The major function of the existing computers for farming vehicles is to realize precise positioning and navigation of the vehicles. Whereas, more advanced systems need to realize automatic driving, and rely on sensors on the vehicles (e.g. sensors to detect depth of plough soil and those to detect remaining gasoline…) to realize more automation and information functions.

Requirements for the Solution
 Industrial-grade fanless embedded in-vehicle computers.
Wireless communication capability and precise GPS positioning capability.
Supports unstable in-vehicle battery voltage of various farming vehicle models.
I/O ports to connect various sensor devices.

To meet the needs of farming vehicles, Darveen has designed a series of in-vehicle computers, which have rugged and fanless design to adapt to the outdoor harsh environments, and friendly interface to facilitate drivers’ operation. Meanwhile, multiple I/O ports enable the Darveen in-vehicle computers to communicate with the drive for automatic driving, differential positioning modules and various sensors. Besides, Darveen has also designed accessories including power modules, fixing brackets, various antennas, so that users can mount the computers onto the farming vehicles more conveniently and realize various functions.

olution Advantages
Reliable product quality to meet the requirement for 7*24 non-stop operation.
Vehicle standard wide-voltage power input.
Multiple screen sizes (7-10.4-inch), optional Windows and Android platforms.
 Multiple I/O ports, such as RS-232/485, LAN, DI/DO, CAN, to support various sensors on the vehicle.
Multiple mounting methods, which support various terminal truck models, and render reasonable and effective use of space.

Application Area
 Farming vehicles